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Hokkaido Biei

A beautiful hill town, a holiday to spend in Biei

Biei, the most beautiful village in Japan, full of the colors of the four seasons

In another world where the rich land spreads endlessly, away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Enjoy the fruits of nature with all five senses

You will be healed by the beautiful scenery and the relaxing time.

Everything will be your first experience.

Now, to Biei, where the emotions await.



Enjoy the changes of the four seasons

Rich green where happiness lives

Autumn leaves, food to enjoy the season

One side of snow scene

Quietly fills your mind and body


Biei inn

A holiday to spend in the beautiful hill town of Biei


Hello Inn

Charter the entire building

Only one group per day, feel free to say Hello and create wonderful memories of your trip in the town of Biei.


Relais Doe Biei Town

Excellent access, attractive 2LDK type

Enjoy your holiday in Biei with excellent access to nearby tourist attractions.


Relais Do Biei Flower Garden

Newly built, stylish 2LDK type

We will help you on your journey to find new encounters in Biei, a city with beautiful scenery in each of the four seasons.

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