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A peaceful space away from everyday life Hello Inn

It is located in a quiet residential area. Private single-family house (up to 5 people)
The charm of a private lodging where you can easily meet the people of the town. Feel free to talk to Hello and create wonderful memories of your trip to Biei.

Facility information
4LDK 2-story living room, Japanese-style room, Western-style room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom

In-room facilities Kitchen (induction cooker / refrigerator / range / coffee maker) Bedroom with mattress futon / free parking on site / garage


Cotton swab / toothpaste set / hairbrush / body towel / sponge / shampoo / conditioner / body soap facial cleanser / makeup remover / toner / razor
Sightseeing / Transportation

Transportation ⇒ 15 minutes on foot from Biei Station, 15 minutes by car to Asahikawa Airport, 2 minutes by car from Supermarket / Hokuren, 4 minutes on foot from convenience store

Sightseeing ⇒ 10 minutes by car from Biei Shikisai no Oka, 20 minutes by car from Shirogane Onsen / Aoiike, 20 minutes by car from Asahiyama Zoo, 2 minutes on foot from Biei Shrine

3-5-9 Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun

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